Something Fishy Is Going On At Catnip Charter Fishing

Something smells fishy you say…

Yes! It’s probably the awesome catches we are showcasing on the site! Thank you for coming to visit the brand new Catnip Charter Fishing Official website. Right now we are in the works of creating a brand new site working with our VERY awesome web developer, Chad. He’s a bit of a WordPress aficionado so we are excited to see what he’s able to create for this lovely fishing resource. It’ll take some time to get up all the new content, but don’t you fret! It’ll be up in no time and you’ll be able to revel with the rest of us pictures of great catches on our website. If you have a catch that you want to to be presented on the site, also please feel free to let us know in the meantime!

Thanks for visiting us so early…and see you soon!